Amateur Poker Tour office raided in Colorado

The legality of the Amateur Poker Tour in Colorado may be in question. The cause: a membership fee charged by the organization.

According to the Rocky Mountain News, the Colorado Bureau of Investigation executed a search warrant at the APT office in Wheat Ridge, Colo., this week.

The search was part of an investigation into suspected illegal gambling operations.

The APT hosts Texas Hold'em tournaments and other games in area bars and restaurants. The bars and restaurants pay for the APT services in hopes of increasing their business.

The venues pay the APT $300 per quarter and $50 per table per night to host the games.

According to investigators, that part of the operation is legal. It's the membership fees that it charges for players that make the games illegal.

The APT has approximately 2,250 members, 250 of which are "Gold Card" members who pay an annual $199 fee in order to play in an exclusive poker game twice a month with $10,000 prize pool.

"An illegal poker game is one in which players pay a fee to play," said CBI Agent Ralph Gagliardi in the Rocky Mountain News.

Once a host or organizer charges any kind of fee for participation, the game is illegal according to Colorado law. Social poker games with no fees are acceptable.

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