Amateur poker league taking U.K. pubs by storm

The Amateur National Poker League (ANPL) launched just a few weeks ago in the U.K., and since then, the number of pubs and clubs participating in the organizations poker nights has increased to 14.

The ANPL, in association with USA Poker, has set up Pub Poker nights at several locations in the U.K. Players can become a member of the ANPL at participating pubs and join in on the poker nights.

When players join, they get a membership card that registers their play at each event. During the events, members are playing for points which accumulate through the 10-week season, and the overall winners will receive prizes ranging from holidays to seats at the World Series of Poker.

The Pub Poker nights consist of one or more rounds of Texas Hold'em leading up to a final table of eight players. Players earn points for participating and additional points for making the final table.

According to the ANPL, the poker nights took off more quickly than expected and seem to be following a trend of poker nights at bars and clubs in Australia and the United States.

"Poker nights have become the new trivia nights," said Sarah Meehan, ANPL managing director. "We're getting a huge demand from pubs as well as clubs and hotels."

The league's goal was to have 150 pubs participating in the U.K. by the end of its first season. Meehan said the number of enquiries they were getting and the surprisingly fast response to the pub nights have forced them to revise their plans and increase how quickly they're able get games going at new venues.

More information, locations, and the point leader board for the league can be found at

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