Amarillo Slim evades robbery attempt

Poker legend Amarillo Slim Preston faced down a gunman last Wednesday to escape being robbed while driving around his hometown of Amarillo, Texas. The incident took place at around 1:50 a.m.

According to the Amarillo police, Amarillo Slim Preston was driving in the 1000 block of Southwest 32nd Avenue when a yellow vehicle cut him off. A passenger in the vehicle then approached Preston's vehicle and pulled a gun.

The gunman demanded money, but Preston put his car into reverse and fled the scene. As the car was leaving, the robber fired three rounds at the vehicle.

The robber got back in the yellow vehicle which then followed Amarillo Slim until he was able to lose them and call the police for help.

The police reported finding two bullet strikes on Preston's vehicle. Preston wasn't injured during the incident.

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