Altergott, Smith, Mercier, Jacobson, Seiver Chop Aussie Millions $25k

Jason Mercier
Five-way chop?

A rare five-way chop sealed the Aussie Millions $25k Challenge earlier today with Max Altergott declared the winner but virtually even payouts across the top.

With time running long and the remaining players hoping to get some rest before Day 1c of the Main Event, a five-way ICM chop was agreed to guaranteeing roughly $250k for each player.

Leaving no extra money on the table to play for the blinds were also jacked up every couple of hands and action played out in about 10 minutes to see Altergott take the title.

Dan Smith, Jason Mercier, Martin Jacobson and Scott Seiver all shared the remining prize pool with Altergott actually getting the smallest share at $241,785.

Jacobson took the most from the chop at $285,921. The complete $25k Challenge results and payouts:

  • 1st: Max Altergott - $241,785*
  • 2nd: Dan Smith - $278,414*
  • 3rd: Jason Mercier - $265,538*
  • 4th: Martin Jacobson - $285,921*
  • 5th: Scott Seiver - $265,538*
  • 6th: Dan Shak - $100,000
  • 7th: Marvin Rettenmaier - $70,000
  • 8th: Tobias Renkemeier - $55,000

More details of the deal and the action from the day can be found at PokerAsiaPacific here. For more on deal-making at final tables, check out Lee Davy's latest Rant.

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