Alexander the Great: Jung wins a tidy sum

Alexander Jung

On May 8 Alexander Jung became $358,000 richer after winning the Million VI event aboard the MSC Poesia, sailing the high seas somewhere between Croatia and Venice.

The Million events are part of an annual live tourney hosted by Party aboard world-class luxury cruise ships. Of the 171 total players who didn't qualify online through the site, a number bought their way into the NL Hold'em freezeout event for $8,000.

The majority of the entrants for the PPM VI were European, including a whopping 20% from Germany alone. As a result it wasn't a shock to see only one non-European make the final table:

Final-Table Positions and Payouts:

Position Player Country Prize
1 Alexander Jung Germany $358,280
2 Dominik Stopka Germany $285,583
3 Cory Albertson USA $159,235
4 Mika Paasonen Finland $119,425
5 Raymond Estall UK $92,883
6 Andreas Jorbeck Sweden $67,675
7 Johannes Strassman Germany $47,770
8 Peter Steinlesberger Austria $31,845
9 Kenneth Gregersen Denmark $21,230

Heads-up between the final two was short and one-sided. Jung, after taking down a number of pots uncontested, got it all in with J-7 against Stopka's A-9. The flop paired Jung's seven, and it held for the win.


"This is my biggest live win so far. The structure of the tournament was perfect for me, and there were some very good players here," Jung was quoted as saying after his victory.

"I had a lot of respect for Dominik. I had seen him play a great many hands, mostly without a showdown - and when he did have to show it was often something like aces - so he is a good player. However, I felt one or two others were a bit tight on the final table - perhaps wanting to try and climb the money positions."

The winner's glass trophy, along with his first-place prize, was presented to the mathematics student by Party Poker's "Ambassador of Poker" Mike Sexton. Look out for Jung at this summer's WSOP in Las Vegas, as he plans to use part of his newly earned bankroll to take a swing at the world's most prestigious poker tournament.

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