Alex Rodriguez cautioned about poker habit

Baseball star Alex Rodriguez was reportedly warned by New York Yankees bosses to curb his poker playing hobby as it could prove unsavory and hurtful to his image, it was recently revealed.

Rodriguez was spotted playing poker at a now defunct underground Manhattan poker club with pro poker player Phil Hellmuth earlier this month and has apparently been catching slack from the men in charge as a result.

News reports have been published claiming that commissioner Bud Selig is keeping tabs on the third-baseman, despite the fact that playing poker is not illegal in New York state. The commissioner is said to be worried about the message Rodriguez may be sending to his younger baseball fans by playing poker in illegal establishments (it is illegal in New York state for a poker establishment to profit from its games).

Rodriguez's agent, Scott Boras, denies any such intervention by the Yankees. "The Yankees have never addressed or spoken with me in regard to any off-field activities regarding Alex Rodriguez. And the Yankees have never spoken to Alex regarding any of his off-field activities," Boras was quoted as saying in today's New York Daily News.

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