Akkari shows skills in PokerStars Sunday events

Andre Akkari

It isn't taking long for Brazilian player Andre Akkari to make a name for himself at PokerStars. The sponsored pro managed to cash deep in two of the site's regular events on Sunday, although it was Allanon85 who took home the biggest prize of the day by winning the Sunday Million.

Andre Akkari earned his two final-table cashes on Sunday in the PokerStars $215 No-Limit Hold'em rebuy event and the Sunday 500. He earned $16,250 for a seventh-place finish in the Sunday 500 and another $4,275 for a ninth-place finish in the $215+R.

There was big money to be had for the winners of those events as well. AJKHoosier1, from the United States, picked up $51,250 for a win in the $215 Rebuy event.

In the Sunday 500, the top three players split the remaining prize pool, which resulted in the third-place finisher earning the most money in the end with $76,263.56, but twirlpro from Hungary picked up the win and $66,876.77.

Even with a three-way deal, Allanon85, from Germany, earned more than the winners of those two events combined when he took down the Sunday Million.

With its $1.5 million guaranteed prize pool, the PokerStars Sunday Million is one of the biggest draws for players on Sunday. This week was no different, as 7,245 players took their seats in the event, and Allanon85 had to survive them all to make it to the top.


According to the PokerStars blog, the field thinned pretty fast this week as about two-thirds of it was already eliminated by the two-and-a-half hour mark. Less than four hours into play, the money bubble had burst as well.

Play slowed down as it went deeper and deeper into the money, and the final table wasn't set until nine hours and 30 minutes into play.

Despite coming in as one of the shorter stacks when the final table began, Allanon85 began working his way back up the leaderboard quickly. When it was down to three, he was sitting at the top with aty79 and cdbr3799 still at the table with him.

The three players discussed a chop, and after looking at a few different numbers finally agreed, with Allanon85 earning $147,450, aty79 taking $109,000 and cdbr3799 getting $107,000, and $30,000 left for the winner.

Once the chop business was taken care of, Allanon85 went to work aggressively pushing the smaller stacks around. Although the players managed to win some pots here and there, Allanon85's strategy worked and he walked away with the remaining $30,000 as well.

The final-table results with the chop are as follows:

Place Name Country Prize
1st Allanon85 Germany $177,450
2nd aty79 United States $109,000
3rd cdbr3799 United States $107,000
4th Kongsgaard Denmark $69,000
5th forza-guti Spain $54,000
6th insanocut Canada $39,000
7th tnapoleao Brazil $26,250
8th Tyler9897 United States $17,250
9th sjco22 United States $10,500

Plenty of other players cashed in on PokerStars' Sunday events as well this week. The results of a few of the other major tournaments' final tables are as follows:

Sunday Warm-Up

Place Name Country Prize
1st Weekender74 United Kingdom $105,000
2nd bfinemn United States $75,000
3rd royalfishfly Russia $52,500
4th renq87 Finland $39,375
5th CHINESE30 Denmark $31,500
6th EAZY DZ United States $24,000
7th Huskyfan98 United States $16,500
8th niccc Lebanon $10,500
9th N!CKELZ United States $7,050

Sunday Two Hundred Grand

(Based on finishing order and two-way deal)

Place Name Country Prize
1st $-iTuG-$ Spain $19,707.20
2nd 123JME321 United States $17,932.52
3rd B.Skans Norway $11,070.51
4th jkmetz2 United States $8,856.41
5th BB3RDST United States $6,642.41
6th PloppyTre Canada $4,428.21
7th Amitav Denmark $3,321.16
8th Bayern Germany $2,214.11
9th LVDoug United States $1,660.58

Sunday Second Chance

Place Name Country Prize
1st riverman1 United Kingdom $54,480
2nd nanonoko United States $39,600
3rd KARANEN Denmark $30,000
4th Big Slim 33 United States $22,500
5th BabyGrand United States $15,750
6th XTraCey United States $12,750
7th groverpika United States $9,750
8th PreshaDrop Germany $6,750
9th VuaXi'T8' United States $4,200

To get in on these and other great events at the poker site, visit PokerStars.

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