Aid the 'Open Space' Movement of Wrentham.

The WLPF, has taken up the task of educating the public on the importance of 'Open Space'

Wrentham Land Preservation Fund innovative step this year to raise funds for their 'Open Space' project is the 'No limit Texas Hold'em Poker' which will be held at American Legion Hall, Wrentham on Saturday, 9 April'05 at 6 pm.

The participation fee is $40 per participant, if taken in advance, if any tickets are left then at the event time, tickets will be sold at $50. A check in the name of 'The Wrentham Land Preservation Fund' can be mailed to- The Wrentham Land Preservation Fund, PO Box 253, Sheldonville, MA 02070-0253, or you can collect it personally at the above mentioned address.

Only 100 seats are available. All participants need to be over 21 years of age.

This affair will have around 13 tables, each occupying 7 - 8 players, every time a player loses the round, the person having the winning hand will be rewarded with a small amount, so more the number of participants, greater is the cash prize. Only one participant can win No limit Texas Hold'em Poker.

Chris Martin is managing the entire show. Advantage Vending and area pizza parlors are also lending a helping hand, all refreshments that are served; the entire earnings shall be added in the WLPF savings.

WLPF members wish to collect substantial amount through this event, as they have many more educational projects lined up.

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