Aguiar, Cantu WSOPE Mixed Max Final Postponed

Brandon Cantu
Brandon Cantu

Despite playing for nearly 16 hours, there would be no bracelet awarded in the €10,450 Mixed Max No-Limit Hold’em event at the WSOPE yesterday.

Brandon Cantu and Jonathan Aguiar played for over six hours in the final heads-up match of the tournament last night before finally reaching the 5 a.m. cutoff when the casino closes.

As of Sunday at 12:00 p.m. CET, it is still unknown when the match will resume.

It was a surprising turn of events considering only four players returned for action yesterday including Jonathan Aguiar, Brandon Cantu, Roger Hairabedian and Faraz Jaka.

Jaka and Aguiar settled their heads-up match early with Aguiar landing the knockout blow in a little over two hours.

Roger Hairabedian
Roger Hairabedian

Hairabedian, Cantu Match Goes for Eight Hours

Hairabedian and Cantu’s match became one of the longest heads-up matches in WSOP history running an astonishing eight hours.

The match was not without controversy as Cantu and Hairabedian had been needling each other all day.

Tempers boiled over when Hairabedian requested a seat change because of his vicinity to the rail. Cantu had been leading but the move seemed to change momentum immediately and Cantu repeatedly expressed his displeasure at the move.

To make matters worse, Hairabedian would later check out of turn and then deny it, which infuriated Cantu.

Hairabedian, who won the €5k PLO WSOPE event this year, was chasing a bit of history as he could have become the only player to win two bracelets in a single WSOPE.

Eventually Cantu dispatched the local favorite, calling it the toughest heads-up match he had ever played. Both Hairabedian and Jaka received €86,087 for their efforts.

Cantu and Aguiar returned at 11:00 p.m. to play down a winner. They were both incredibly deep with over 100 big blinds each. The pair traded the chip count back and forth for hours before a serious cooler allowed Aguiar the double up in the wee hours of the morning.

Aguiar flopped a set of eights while Cantu, who was the chip leader by a wide margin, flopped the nut-flush. It appeared the tournament would end but the board paired on the river and it was instead Aguiar who took the chip lead.

Play was finally suspended at 5 a.m. and it’s unclear when it will continue as both Aguiar and Cantu are playing the WSOPE Main Event today.

Here were the final chip counts as Day 4 came to an end:

  • Brandon Cantu: 1,520,000
  • Jonathan Aguiar: 1,361,000

Edit: Brandon Cantu and Jonathan Aguiar are now scheduled to resume their match on Oct. 1 at 4 p.m. CET. Stay tuned to PokerListings for an eventual recap.

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