AGA supports creation of Internet Gambling Commission

The American Gaming Association (AGA) is calling for an official investigation into Internet gaming it announced recently.

Frank J. Fahrenkopf, Jr., president and CEO of the AGA, said in a statement that the AGA Board of Directors modified its legislative position on Internet gambling at a meeting held late last month, but remains neutral on pending legislation aimed at banning Internet gaming in the United States.

The AGA, which represents the interests of U.S. land-based gambling firms, called for the establishment of a one-year Congressional study commission to evaluate to the impact of online gambling on the U.S. economy and people.

Said the statement, "Millions of Americans currently gamble online, and they will continue to do so. Many nations, including Great Britain, are in the process of legalizing, regulating and taxing online gambling.

"The AGA board thinks a comprehensive study commission should take into account policy issues ranging from how best to protect children and problem gamblers to whether Internet gambling can be effectively legalized and regulated in the United States, rather than leaving bettors to fend for themselves on illegal, unregulated offshore sites.

"The study should also include consideration of recent WTO rulings indicating the United States position on Internet gaming may be in violation of international trade obligations."

Please see H.R. 4411 and H.R. 4777 for details on the recently proposed anti-Internet gambling legislation, and Senate Locked In Debate Over H.R. 4777 for the status of H.R. 4777.

Editor's Note: The American Gaming Association (AGA) is the national trade association for the commercial casino industry. In addition to representing the interests of its members on federal legislative and regulatory issues, the AGA serves as a clearinghouse for information, develops educational and advocacy programs, and provides leadership on industry-related issues of public concern.

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