How to Use "Advertising Plays" to Throw Off Your Poker Opponents

There are many weapons a poker player can use to avoid becoming predictable: bluffing, semi-bluffing, check-raising, trying for free cards and slow-playing, to name a few.

However, there is one type of play that differs from the rest: the advertising play.

Advertising plays are employed in order to mess with your opponents' heads and to cash in on these plays later on. An advertising play is when you play "crazy" with hands you wouldn't normally play in this way and you make sure the whole table sees you do it.

This play should only be done when you are fairly sure you'll be facing off against the same players for quite a while. In other words, there is no reason to make an advertising play on your last hand of the night if you'll never belly up with the same players again.

The Types of Hands to Advertise

When making advertising plays you don't have to be totally reckless and raise with hands like 7-2 offsuit when sitting under the gun. The best time to make an advertising play is when it will also yield a decent chance of actually winning the pot. The types of hands to play are the small suited connectors like 6-5s, 7-6s, A-xs, and the small pairs.

When you make an advertising play, you are being overly aggressive with hands that you normally shouldn't - and wouldn't - play in this way.

For example, you can raise with one of these hands sitting under the gun and then play it aggressively all the way to the river. Or you can reraise when you are sitting in late position and then continue to play it extremely aggressively from there. If you get caught bluffing on the river, however, make sure everyone sees your hand so that they remember how crazy you played it.

If you win the pot without having to show down your hand, that's even better. Because then you can make a new advertising play soon after and you will have won a pot you normally wouldn't have been involved in.

After you have made an advertising play, you should play a lot tighter for a while and go back to your normal strategy. It is important to keep in mind that your advertising plays will stick out in your opponents' minds. As a result, they will make calls and bets against you that they normally wouldn't - just as you did to them.

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