Adult Film Star Puma Swede to Attend PokerListings Battle of Malta

puma swede

Famed Swedish/Finnish adult film superstar Puma Swede will bring her own flair to the upcoming PokerListings Battle of Malta tournament.

Swede has appeared in over 120 movies and runs a provocative blog where she offers snippets of her daily life. She’s been nominated for several AVN awards.

Recently Swede also released her autobiography “Puma Swede, My Life as a Porn Star” to rave reviews in Sweden. The book details the highs and lows of Hollywood life (Swede moved to California in 2004).

Swede will be one of the many notable names to attend the tournament along with Finnish stunt group The Dudesons.

While Swede isn’t as experienced as some of the poker players that will be attending the Battle of Malta she’s going to fit right in with several VIP parties on tap during the tournament. 

Puma Swede
Puma Swede

The PokerListings Battle of Malta, which runs Sept. 26-29, 2013, is open to any interested participants and the buy-in is only €550.

We sat down with Puma Swede to discuss her participation at the Battle of Malta:

PokerListings: Hey Puma - What have you been up to lately?

Puma Swede: Same shit, different toilet ;) I've been shooting, hanging at the beach, doing webcamshows, crossfitting and just being my fabulous self :)

PL: How's your poker game?

I have the best confidence in the world and I always think I will win. Do I always win? You'll have to wait and see :)

PL: How many live events have you played and how have you faired?

I play mostly at a friends house. Last event I played at was in Sweden and I finished at 6th place out of 30...

PL: What will you do with your prize should you finish in the money at BOM?

Spend it of course :) Most likely on travel and maybe get a mini pig :)

PL: What's more nerve-wracking. Poker or Porn?

Battle of Malta Day 2
The Battle of Malta

Both. It depends who you're 'playin' with :)

PL: So, the Dudesons are also playing BOM. Are you planning to hang out with them? Will Malta ever be the same again?

My motto is: I come, I **** shit up and I leave... They seem crazy enough and they're Finns too so I do hope I get to hang out with them :) So if Malta still is intact after our visit I don't know, hahahaa...

PL: What are your plans away from the tables in Malta?

I don't plan so much. I'm spontaneous so I'm not worried there will be plenty of fun stuff happening away (and under) the tables ;)

PL: You’re pretty active on instagram and twitter. Can we expect plenty of Tweets and 'grams while in Malta?

Hell yeah! How else would you know I'm still alive lol :)

PL: Any other Adult performers who have a pretty good poker game?

Never played with any other adult performers so I have no idea. But I bet there is... At least in strip poker :)

PL: Any cool projects coming up in 2013?

My book will be released in English (My Life As A Pornstar) so more people can have some good literature to read :) I will do more traveling :) That is if I come back in one piece from BOM of course :)

PL: What’s your strategy for Battle of Malta?

Cheat, steal & win ;) And have fun :)

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