Adam Geyer takes FTOPS XI main event

Adam Geyer
Adam "csimmsux" Geyer picks up another FTOPS win.

Adam "csimmsux" Geyer picked up his third Full Tilt Online Poker Series event win this weekend, this time by taking down the $2.5 million guaranteed main event.

The Andy Black, the $2.5 million guaranteed main event hosted by John Juanda, and the final day of the two-day Hold'em event hosted by Allen Cunningham.

Adam "Roothlus" Levy put up a good fight in the two-day event, but was bested in heads-up play at the end by a player named fyrtuk. The win put $625,000 in fyrtuk's pocket while Roothlus picked up $387,500.

The winner in the Knockout was girlyhurly, who topped a field of 9,061 players to earn a $144,885.39 payday.


The big event for the day, however, was the $2.5 million guaranteed main event. The event drew in a respectable field of 5,287 players willing to put up the $500+$35 buy-in to play some Hold'em.

Geyer topped them all to earn his third FTOPS title, this time as the main event champion, plus a $456,056 prize.

Geyer has previous wins in the FTOPS VII Two-Day Event in February 2008, where he picked up $488,175, plus a win in Event 13 of the FTOPS V in 2007 where he won $72,662. You can also add to that a 14th-place finish in the FTOPS V main event.

The final-table results from Sunday were:

FTOPS XI Event 22

Place Name Prize
1st fyrtuk $625,000
2nd Roothlus $387,500
3rd the best woman $281,250
4th Wu_Wizard $218,750
5th utreg $162,500
6th donivan31 $118,750
7th holla-athca-boy $77,500
8th Egarim $62,500
9th gboro780 $48,750

FTOPS XI Event 24

Place Name Prize
1st girlyhurly $144,885.39
2nd AAs to QQs $90,610
3rd Doglamina $54,366
4th Akaperion $40,774.50
5th hro1707 $31,713.50
6th massicci $24,464.70
7th Y2JohnK6 $18,122
8th MantaRays $13,591.50
9th pongu06 $9,967.10

FTOPS XI Main Event

Place Name Prize
1st csimmsux $456,056
2nd KA1SERfknSOZE $276,245
3rd PartyPimp $177,643
4th clubflush5 $138,783
5th CHOOK2120 $104,418
6th dump22 $77,983
7th 23bigd23 $60,800
8th supermanpunch $46,261
9th Luie Sojo $34,365

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