Action-packed WCOOP weekend at PokerStars

The Spoils of War

The World Championship of Online Poker (WCOOP) continues at PokerStars, and more than $1.5 million was handed out over the weekend. Player antroff of Sweden scored the biggest win when he took home $117,175 in Event 13, $530 Pot-Limit Texas Hold'em.

More than 1,000 people entered Event 13, which saw the longest and toughest heads-up match so far of the 2007 WCOOP. antroff faced player betgo of the United States, and the battle was full of drama and exciting poker action.

No deal was made, meaning that the difference between first and second place was $50,000. Antroff eventually took command of the game, and in the last hand his flopped top pair was enough to seal the deal.

Final-table results for Event 13:

Place Name Country Prize
1st antroff Sweden $117,175
2nd betgo United States $64,473.50
3rd Tycoon_Kid New Zealand $43,600
4th shahmat Canada $34,880
5th Bill Chen United States $28,067.50
6th kedvedert Hungary $21,255
7th sh00ter United States $15,805
8th SpotLIGHT19 United States $10,900
9th ElkY France $6,267.50

More results from PokerStars 2007 WCOOP:

Event 12, $215 H.O.R.S.E.

Place Name Country Prize
1st jaliks Netherlands $72,116
2nd Hikkespett Norway $42,614
3rd TheBigViking Norway $27,863
4th Cactus Benny United States $20,651.40
5th JJJanet United States $16,717.80
6th LeeNelsonP* New Zealand $13,112
7th Phillyho New Zealand $9,834
8th BBwinz United States $6,883.80

Event 11, $215 Razz

Place Name Country Prize
1st OnlyPlayRagz United States $41,136.80
2nd needabanana United States $37,296.11
3rd larki1 Sweden $29,759.09
4th JAMEST1 United States $15,240.96
5th atactor United States $12,465.60
6th lvstraddle United States $10,113.60
7th tsudneves United States $7,761.60
8th Ima_QT United States $5,409.60

Event 10, $320 No-Limit Texas Hold'em match-play

Place Name Country Prize
1st ugotmeyet? Sweden $82,054
2nd ansuz Finland $65,054
3rd Aldahan United Kingdom $31,119
4th postbear Sweden $31,119
5th wired_c4 United States $15,559.50
6th DEEZZZ_NUTS United States $15,559.50
7th Axabaxa Norway $15,559.50
8th ActionJeff United States $15,559.50

NOTE: At the time of writing, Event 14, $1,050 No-Limit Hold'em with a $2 million guaranteed prize pool was still running.

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