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Three more events brought a win for a dealer, a deal for a win and some Omaha action at the World Series of Poker Circuit at Caesars Palace Las Vegas this week.

Event 4 - $550 No-Limit Hold'em

Anthony Tran has been dealing games for 18 years, and playing poker a little longer than that, but he scored his first tournament win ever this week at the WSOPC Caesars Palace.

Tran prefers cash games, playing $40/$80 Limit Hold'em games, but he decided to play in Event 4 of the WSOPC while on vacation in Las Vegas. His choice turned into a $458,941 win that brought with it a championship ring.

To get to that win, Tran had to make his way through 133 hands of play at the final table before going heads-up against Sales Dominique for another 76 hands. He started with a sizable lead against Dominique, but play see-sawed back and forth before Tran was finally able to triumph.

"He didn't play too good," Tran said of Dominique. "He would check and call a lot. When he bet a hand, he bet too much. He got lucky, but I [knew] sooner or later I [had] to win."

The final-table results were:

Place Name Hometown Prize
1st Anthony Tran West Covina, Calif. $58,941
2nd Sales Dominique Rouffiac, France $30,419
3rd Gregory Harris Springfield, Ore. $15,210
4th Joseph Pallitto Sayerville, N.J. $13,308
5th Mike Caruso Arvada, Colo. $11,407
6th Doug Carli Alliance, Ohio $9,506
7th Craig Varnell Las Vegas $7,605
8th Bob Robbins Ontario, Canada $5,704
9th Matt Rosen Escanaba, Mich. $3,802

Event 5 - $1,570 No-Limit Hold'em

Nick Brancato was the winner of Event 5 of the WSOPC Caesars Palace this week, but not because of the deal of the cards. Instead, he was declared the winner after play got down to the final four and the players decided to make a deal to end the game.

Eleven players were left after the first day of play ended at 2 a.m. After five more hours of play on the second day, the final table was finally down to four players - Brancato, Durwood Murray, Surinder Sunar and Dorothy von Sachsen - who took a break to talk over a deal.

Sunar had started out the day with a big chip lead, but it was Brancato who was sitting with the lead after the deal was made because he'd taken out three other players earlier in the final table.

The final-table results, not taking into consideration the deal made, were:

Place Name Hometown Prize
1st Nicholas Brancato Jersey City, N.J. $98,244
2nd Durwood Murray Rcho Sante Fe, Calif. $54,033
3rd Surinder Sunar Wolverhampton, U.K. $27,630
4th Dorothy von Sachser Boynton Beach, Fla. $21,490
5th Brendan Lynch Las Vegas $18,420
6th Mark Kroon Madison, Wis. $15,350
7th Carl Restifo New Rochelle, N.Y. $12,280
8th Francisco Navarro Guadalajara, Mexico $9,210
9th Doug Skoczek Kalispell, Mont. $6,140

Event 6 - $550 Omaha Eight-or-Better

Gebrehiwet Goitom was sitting in the middle of the pack when the final table of the Event 6 began play this week. The event hadn't looked good initially for him, and he'd been steaming after absorbing a lot of beats, but he played his way back to a win.

Originally from Ethiopia, Goitom has been playing poker for about 11 years, and he said he plays very well once he has chips. Once he's got a nice stack, he plays aggressively, which helped him move up the leaderboard and into a WSOPC event win.

By the time Goitom had battled his way into heads-up play, he had a substantial chip lead over his opponent, Kevin Petersen.

Petersen had started out the final table even lower in the chip count than Goitom, but now he was facing a $440,000 chip stack with only $175,000 chips of his own.

As they played, Goitom ground down Petersen, who was just barely clinging to life by winning a couple of all-in matchups. He couldn't make much headway though to overcome Goitom's lead.

On the final hand, Petersen was holding 3 5 7 Q, and Goitom had 4 6 J Q. The board came Q-4-3-9-T to give Goitom queens and fours to Petersen's queens and treys. For the win, Goitom picked up $24,199.

The final-table results were:

Place Name Hometown Prize
1st Gebrehiwet Goitom Los Angeles $24,199
2nd Kevin Petersen Las Vegas $12,697
3rd Wayne LaMonica Tustin, Calif. $7,469
4th John Reiss Omaha, Neb. $5,975
5th Tu-Trung Quach Albuquerque, N.M. $4,481
6th Brent Carter Oak Park, Ill. $3,735
7th Ryan Carey Swansea, Mass. $2,988
8th Soo Young Lee Las Vegas $2,241
9th Tony Townsend Lakewood, Colo. $1,494

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