Absolute Poker offers instant deal option

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There's a new final-table option at Absolute Poker that is going to make life much easier for players looking to cut a deal.

Absolute Poker has added a Deal Making button that will appear in certain online poker games once they have reached a final table.

"We're making it easier for players to facilitate deals so that everyone can walk away from a big tournament with a healthy win," said David Clainer, Absolute Poker senior vice president.

Once the Deal Making button appears, players will be prompted to click Yes or No. Once everyone left at the final table has clicked Yes, the game will pause and an administrator will join the chat to monitor the players as they discuss a deal.

The administrator will also be able to provide helpful information on chip equity during the discussions. If an agreement is reached, the pot will be split accordingly. If no agreement is made, the game will continue.

Clainer noted that by the time many of the tournaments reach a final table at Absolute Poker, the game has become a coin toss as players go all-in for a shot at winning the pot.

The Deal Making function will allow the players an easier way to discuss deals and split the pot to avoid leaving a potential big win or loss to chance.

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