Absolute Poker investigation complete

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The Kahnawake Gaming Commission issued a statement this month saying the Gaming Associates investigation of Absolute Poker had been completed. Now the commission will look over the report before issuing a decision.

"The Commission hopes to complete its review and render a decision in this matter within the next two weeks," said the organization in a release on its Web site.

Absolute Poker came under investigation in October after allegations of cheating started showing up in poker forums online. A player who won a tournament was accused of using some sort of god mode or super-user account to be able to see everyone's hole cards during games.

The accusations gained some weight when sleuths on the 2+2 forum analyzed the hand histories from that particular tournament and were able to track the IP trail of the player and determine it was a high-level employee at the poker site.

When Absolute Poker conducted an internal investigation, it found that an employee had breached the security system to play unfairly on the site for a period of 40 days.

That employee has since been terminated. Players who were involved in hands with that employee during the 40-day period also had their money returned to them.

The poker site also emphasized that this was an internal security breach and not something someone outside the company would be able to do.

Absolute Poker has turned over all hand histories in question to the Kahnawake Gaming Commission as well for its investigation.

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