Absolute Poker increases prizes for autumn 'Win Your Tuition' tournament

School is back in session and so is the autumn edition of Absolute Poker's "Win Your Tuition" tournament for college students. This time students who win one of the free weekly qualifying tournaments will take home $100, and the grand prize is a full year's tuition.

Weekly qualifiers have already begun and run through Nov. 8. The top 50 players from each tournament will be entered into the final tournament which begins Nov. 15.

The players who make it to the final table will be flown to a location to play out the final table live. Travel and accommodations will be paid for the finalists. The date and place of the final table hasn't been announced yet.

The spring tournament winner was David Wood, a 20-year-old Purdue University student. Absolute Poker officials surprised him by increasing what was supposed to be a semester of tuition for the top prize to a full year's worth of tuition. The runner up, Justin Rausch from Penn State University, received a semester of tuition.

"We can't wait to see what happens in the fall tournament as we offer even bigger and better prizes," said Patrick McCanna, Absolute Poker marketing manager.

For more information about the tournament or to register, visit www.winyourtuition.com

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