A year of swings for Tom "durrrr" Dwan

Tom Dwan

In the world of high-stakes online poker, every player experiences the swings of the game.

But when it comes to the magnitude of those swings, it appears Tom Dwan is second to none.

Dwan, aka durrrr, started 2009 with a series of massive losses, dipping to his lowest point of the year on the first of March, down over $4 million.

While many players would have walked away from the game, either broke or discouraged, Dwan continued playing at the nose-bleed stakes on a quest to regain his title as the most feared player online.

And, it took him just one month to make over $3.5 million dollars, nearly bringing himself out of the hole.

He spent the next two weeks on a downswing giving back over $2.3 million, but Dwan soon turned his game around once more, grinding out a long streak of consistent wins.


Dwan with the nuts.

One hell of a nice river.

A hand that just kept getting better.

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