A dog day afternoon

Gus Hansen

Today's battle of the nosebleed stakes is between two Full Tilt pros, both of them highly recognizable names.

It's becoming a theme of PL.com's coverage, Rob Hollink is sitting with the two, he's sitting with only $16,000, taking a quick shot at a big hit. Because he only has one hand to pick to run with, this session is basically a heads-up match between the two MarketPulse section.


Here's the hand ...

7382141684 TABLE : bmwnick1 (six-max) $200/$400 - Pot-Limit Omaha Hi - Sat Jul 26 2008 - 11:11am ET

Table Setup

Seat 1: Gus Hansen ($64,729.50)
Seat 2: Brian Hastings ($63,797.50)
Seat 6: Rob Hollink ($16,000)
Gus Hansen posts the small blind of $200
Brian Hastings posts the big blind of $400
The button is in seat #1

Gus Hansen raises to $1,200
Brian Hastings raises to $3,600
Gus Hansen raises to $10,800
Brian Hastings has 15 seconds left to act
Brian Hastings calls $7,200

Flop [T 4 6]
Brian Hastings checks
Gus Hansen has 15 seconds left to act
Gus Hansen has requested TIME
Gus Hansen bets $21,200
Brian Hastings raises to $52,997.50, and is all-in
Gus Hansen calls $31,797.50
Brian Hastings shows [K Q 4 5]
Gus Hansen shows [5 3 7 8]

Turn [T 4 6] [4]

River [T 4 6 4] [T]

Brian Hastings shows three of a kind, fours
Gus Hansen shows a pair of tens
Brian Hastings wins the pot ($127,594.50) with three of a kind, fours

Hastings made his plays on a flush draw, not knowing that his bottom pair was actually good. The fact that it improved to trips only made his hand stronger, with Hansen missing his multiple straight draws.

This pot is a relatively major loss in the history of Hansen's play. But given the size of many of the wins he's had, he can no doubt more than afford it.

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