A $196k start: The martonas comeback

who is it
The true identity of martonas is still unknown.

The high-stakes action was heavy on Full Tilt last night with an amazing 49 pots worth over $100k, the majority of which were a part of an unlikely comeback from unknown Swede martonas.

It was the beginning of August this year when martonas began to light up the high-stakes poker world, making almost $1.5 million in just a few weeks beating the best players online.

The win streak was short-lived as martonas managed to lose over $3.4 million (his $1.4 million profit plus an additional $2 million) in just nine days at the tables before suddenly disappearing from the online world without anyone ever learning his true identity.

Last night, just one month later, martonas was back playing $300/$600 No-Limit Hold'em heads up against two of the most feared NLHE players in the world: Di "Urindanger" Dang and Cole South.

Even though martonas and Dang played over 1,100 hands with multiple $100k+ pots, the Urindanger/martonas battle ended almost even.

But in the end, South received an old-school beat down, losing over $124k to martonas across 828 hands. Although it could have gone the other way had South's aces held up in the players' largest pot of the session.

The remainder of martonas' profit came mostly from beating the relatively unknown liverpoolfc0985 out of $64k heads-up.

Although martonas did play a few hands on six-max and full-ring tables, his collective profit from those games accounts for only $4k of the night's total.

Martonas wasn't the only player in action, however. MarketPulse to see everything else.

A flop worth $265k.

Cole South's aces get cracked.

Another flopped set vs. draw.

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