WSOP Tweet Relief: Real Ivey Trendsetter

Phil Ivey
Ivey doesn't speak much at the table, but #RealIveyTweets has a few things to say

Phil Ivey seemed to be the only thing people were talking about in the Rio today.

Now, thanks to Tony Dunst, the chatter has moved to Twitter, under #RealIveyTweets.

At around 2pm, the man with 8 bracelets came to the feature stage at the Amazon Room to try and get his 9th bracelet.

The room was crowded and desperate to catch a glimpse of Ivey. While there were dozens of people trying to see Ivey in person, there were thousands more following his every move online.

While this Tweet came from Ivey's official account, people noticed that it really didn't sound like him. In fact, none of Ivey's Tweets seemed to sound like the him. Tony Dunst took notice and gave the people Tweeting for Ivey a suggestion:

Dunst then decided to take things into his own hands and unleashed this unto the Twitterverse:

And #RealIveyTweets was born. It's been about three hours since the hashtag started and there have been hundreds of Tweets. Players and fans everywhere are taking a shot at humor in the form of an Ivey Tweet. We've gone through the painstaking effort of weeding out some of the better ones just for you:

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roy jones jr jr 2012-06-21 09:59:24

lol most are so terrible and unfunny why do poker players think they are so smart

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