8-bit promo dishes cash at PokerRoom

The Prize Money

Poker can be a monster of a game, but at PokerRoom it's an 8-Bit Monster that dishes out extra cash prizes.

The PokerRoom 8-Bit promotion offers eight levels for players to complete in which they'll earn cash prizes by catching the 8-Bit poker monsters. These monsters are actually eight separate poker hands that dish out money each time you complete them.

The 8-Bit hands are:

Hey Presto (Worth $5): A player is dealt pocket fives and makes a set twice in three days.

Ace Cracker (Worth $10): A player is dealt a pocket pair, between twos and tens, and it goes on to beat an opponent with pocket aces.


Dire Straights (Worth $15): The player's bigger straight beats his opponent's little straight at the showdown, twice in two days.

Boatman (Worth $20): A player is dealt any pocket pair and makes a full house to beat his opponent's flush.

Flusher Crusher (Worth $25): A player makes a straight flush to beat his opponent's flush at the showdown.

Double Trouble (Worth $50): A player is dealt a pocket pair, between twos and tens, which beats his opponent's pocket pair of aces. Do it twice in 3 days.

King Killer (Worth $500): A player is dealt pocket aces, while his opponent gets pocket Kings. The opponent gets a third king, but the first player's aces get four of a suit for the flush.

Half Man Half Fish (Worth $1,000): The player is dealt a pocket pair, and the opponent pushes all-in and the first player shows down for four of a kind. The total pot involved must be at least $10.

Each time a player completes one of the 8-Bit Monster hands, the cash will be instantly credited to their account.

There's even more incentive for players to catch more than one monster hand. Players that catch four of them will hit the accumulator jackpot. The jackpot is pumped up with $5,000 each week, and if nobody is able to accumulate the needed monsters to win it, it is rolled over into the next week.

The jackpot has already been hit once. TheJudgeDK managed to pick up four 8-bit monsters to walk away with $5,000.

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