888poker Qualifier Brendan Doogan Won Battle of Malta Package for 1¢

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Brendan Doogan talks to Maria Ho

A chip and a chair is the standard cliché poker players use to give themselves hope when facing some pretty long odds.

Rarely, of course, do you end up running your mini stack all the way back up to a title-contending one.

But, you know, it does happen. And almost every poker player can vouch for a time it has.

888poker qualifier Brendan Doogan got to live out a poker dream at the 2014 Battle of Malta after running through six qualifying tournament on 888 to win a full package including his Main Event buy-in.

His starting buy-in: Just 1¢.

Host Maria Ho caught up with Doogan for a chat just after the money bubble today and he told us what it meant to him to make it here, how he's fared in the tournament and what it would mean to earn a life-changing amount of money.

Update: Doogan ended up busting well into the money in 101st place. His payout: €1,250. Maybe not enough for Disneyworld but a nice return nonetheless.

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