888Live in Belo Horizonte Big Win for Foster, Edmilson Foundation

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Poker events in football stadiums don’t happen very often.

There was one at Old Trafford. There was the infamous ISPT at Wembley.

And now there's been an 888poker event at the Mineirao stadium in Belo Horizonte, the home turf of Cruzeiro

With 888poker Live Local touching down on Brazilian ground for the first time this past week there were plenty of local celebrities on hand to make the inaugural tournament a memorable one.

"A Better Future for Our Kids"

The goal of the first 888Live Brazil was to collect money for the Edmilson Foundation.


Edmilson is still well-known in the football world for his appearances at Olympique Lyon, CF Barcelona and for the Brazilian national football team when it won the World Cup in 2002.

He’s been the patron of this foundation for years. It helps young people in need and CF Barcelona is still involved in sponsoring it.

“The foundation has already completed 10 years of hard work and we have helped more than 3,000 children," the World Cup champion explained.

"For us, it is always important to receive this kind of help from important partners like 888poker. This helps to contribute to and maintain the institution and to guarantee a better future for our kids."

Denilson, Maggi, Foster Headline

With a sponsor of this caliber in the center of the event it was no surprise that plenty of celebrities showed up to play.

Denilson, who also played on the victorious World Cup team of 2002, was there as was Raquel Benetti, the queen of freestyle football, volleyball genius Rodrigão and long jump champion Maurren Maggi.

In Bruno Foster, Nicolau Villa-Lobos and Bruno Kawauti, 888poker also had all three of its Brazilian poker ambassadors on location.

They may differ from Denilson about pressure in poker, though, a game he'd gotten involved with only in the course of the last couple of months.

“I think it’s pretty cool to play poker because there isn't that heavy pressure that we see in football. It’s very different to play an individual sport.

"It’s more relaxed and a lot cooler. I’m getting more and more interested in poker. I hope to come back to the next 888poker event with more strategy and be able to talk about poker technique.”

Edmilson finds more parallels than dichotomies between the two games.

“The first time I played poker was a long time ago, but I am not an expert. I am still learning because I don’t play poker too much.

bruno foster
Foster wins, the kids win.

"Today I can see many things in common between the mind sport and football. Actually, the only huge difference I see is physical.

"On the other hand, the importance of being smart and making intelligent choices, the trickery… these are fundamental characteristics of both sports."

Foster Over Fernandes

Eventually it was poker proficiency that prevailed with former November Niner Bruno Foster beating Ronaldo Fernandes heads-up for the first 888Live Brazil title.

Foster won the title but the children in need won more as R$10,000 was raised for the Edmilson foundation.

"It’s always good to help those in need. And even better when you can help by doing something you love.

"I am extremely happy, not only with the win, but also because we are able to help the children from the Edmilson Foundation,"

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