888.com upgrades Pacific Poker software

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888.com announced this week it has launched new poker software for Pacific Poker.

The enhanced software version for the poker site presents a new poker experience to players that includes three table-view options.

The first option is the Classic View players at Pacific Poker have already been using. An additional view is the Avatar View, a 3-D round table with avatars, first-person view options, a variety of table backgrounds and more features.

The Clear View is the third option. It offers a 3-D table without avatars that features a clear background.


"Our new software is the next step in Pacific Poker's evolution," said Matt Robinson, 888.com marketing director.

"It is inspired by the way our players like to play the game and we made it our priority to provide them with a gaming platform that would upgrade their poker experience."

Part of that upgrade also involved adding a Hide/Verify All-In Action option.

"An all-in move is the most effective way to shake your opponents, but it can be very costly if it is made by mistake," said the poker site in its press release.

With the new option, players can hide the All-In button to avoid clicking it by mistake. They can still go all-in by moving the bet slider to the maximum bet.

The new option also allows players to choose to use the Verify All-In Action confirmation to approve all-in bets on the site.

Head to 888poker now to check out the changes and take advantage of the special offers and promotions the poker site has to offer PokerListings.com players.

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