800+ Registered, Still Lots of Space for Day 1a of 2014 BOM

Already bustling but still room for more.

Over 800 players are already registered for the 2014 Battle of Malta Main Event but lots of space is still left to take your shot.

A busy early registration period pushed the numbers up close to the total entries of last year but with an overflow room set up and 70 tables ready to go, there's still room for more.

Up to 1,300+ players can be accommodated but the sooner you're here and registered, the better.

Registration Open at 12 Noon

Registration opens again today (Thursday) at 12 pm and a big crowd is expected. Registration starts tomorrow (Friday) at 12 pm as well.

Our online PokerListings payment gateway is no longer available and registration is now only possible on site at the Portomaso Casino.

As a small point of note: It will be easier to get a seat today on Day 1A than on Day 1B. As always, come early and bring some patience for the least amount of hassle as some lineups can be expected.

Check our live updates page for all the latest as we get started on the biggest Battle of Malta yet!

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