$750k Up for Grabs on PokerStars Road to 100 Billion

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A special 10th Anniversary Milestone Hands promo has just been added on PokerStars with $750,000 to be paid out to over 1,000 players over the next 300 million hands.

Announced this morning, every millionth hand played on PokerStars from 71,700,000,000- 72,000,000,000 will now be a milestone hand and have cash prizes paid out to all players dealt in.

All you have to do to be eligible for any of the cash prizes is to be at the table and dealt into a milestone hand.

What are the cash prizes like?

Anyone dealt into a milestone hand win a cash prize of $60 for every VIP Player Point (VPP) earned in the previous 50 hands played on that table.

A base prize of $20 will also be added and any player that wins a portion of the main pot will have their take doubled.

If you win a milestone hand, your prize will be the VPPs in previous 50 hands x $60 + $20 and then doubled.

All players dealt in to the Mega Milestone hand (#72,000,000,000) will be awarded $1,000 for every VPP earned in the previous 50 hands.

The winner of the hand will also have his or her prize money doubled.

$10,000 will be the base prize for all players dealt into the Mega Milestone hand and the winner will take home at least $20,000.

Note: As a precaution against hand-count manipulating, heads-up ring games won’t be available for the few hours leading up to the Mega Milestone hand is due to hit.

The current hand number on PokerStars can be found in the top left corner of any ring game table in the game client.

As of 12:30 pm PST today, the hand count is 71,501,381,775.

$10m Sunday Million Upcoming Plus $1 Record-Breaker This Weekend

Already announced as part of the 10th Anniversary celebrations include a massive $10 million Sunday Million on Dec. 18, a $1 million Sunday Storm on Dec. 11 and a $1 world-record attempt with a $50,000 first-place prize this Sunday, Dec. 4.

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