24-hour PartyPoker.com cash game rattles pros

Phil Hellmuth

Phil Hellmuth is still haunted by the big game. Not the one in Bobby's room, but the match that took place across the pond and caused the Poker Brat to deem it one of the "spookiest" games of his career.

To witness a performance by the 10-time Tony G.

Turning up late into the game, Tony G demanded someone be thrown off the full table to accommodate him. Once seated, he called repeatedly for Russian pro Kirill Gerasimov to have a spot on the felt as well.

"Tension boiled over for some time as the regular Poker Den players became resentful of the superstars," the poker room said in a release today. "His behavior resulted in the walkout of several British players and bridges have had to be rebuilt since."

Though Hellmuth kept his manners in check, he was flummoxed by his inability to improve his stack during the game.

"I don't remember a time when I spent twelve hours at the table without winning a significant pot," he is quoted as saying in the release.

Perhaps it had something to do with timing: The event was filmed just 24 hours after PartyPoker.com's Premier League Poker series and, as the site notes, the 24-hour cash-game format sapped the energy from most of the players.

Among those who turned up to compete were David "Devilfish" Ulliot, Roland De Wolf, Juha Helppi, Liz Lieu and Kenna James.

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