21 Pros Collab on Poker E-Book for Charity

Annie Duke
Annie Duke is one of the 21 poker pros who contributed to Poker with a Purpose.

21 tried and tested poker pros have collaborated on a poker strategy e-book and they’re giving 100 percent of the proceeds to charity.

Benefitting the Green World Campaign, Poker with a Purpose brings big name poker pros like Annie Duke, Isaac Baron, Sorel Mizzi and Tom Marchese together for the first time to tackle core poker strategy concepts.

The book is available for just $9.99 on Amazon and covers seven essential topics, including Cash Games vs. Tournaments, Board Textures and Three-betting. Three pros tackle each topic to give you some serious perspective on what it takes to win at poker.

All the money raised by Poker with a Purpose will go straight to the Green World Campaign, an organization seeking to raise living standards for the rural poor through reforestation and sustainable agriculture projects.

From the GWC’s website:

The Green World Campaign has been cited by OnEarth, the magazine of the Natural Resources Defense Council, for its bold agenda: Turn degraded lands green again. Raise the living standards of the rural poor. Combat climate change. Create holistic ways to work for the health of our shared biosphere and the harmony of our global village.

The GWC connects those who want to help create a more sustainable world with on-the-ground projects that benefit people and planet. We focus on providing ecological and social benefits where they're most needed. We seek out effective grassroots partners, then finding the simplest, most direct ways we can all contribute to their success.

Our work centers around tree-planting. We ally with local experts who best know the problems and opportunities in their country. Our trusted, ground-level partners work with villagers who are motivated to work for the benefits our programs bring. Contributions from the GWC get planted right in the ground. We always learn from our partners, and collaborate with them on creative solutions.

The poker players featured in Poker with a Purpose include:

Alex Kim
Andre Akkari
Annie Duke
Dan Colpoys
David Sands
Erika Moutinho
Greg Shevach
Isaac Baron
Jared Vengrin
Jason Koon
Jason Young
John Tabatabai
Mark Herm
Matt Vengrin
Mike McDonald
Perry Friedman
Sorel Mizzi
Stephen Chidwick
Steve Gross
Tom Marchese
Tony Dunst

Get your electronic copy on Amazon for $9.99 and you can improve your poker game, while helping improve living conditions for people in need.

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