2013 Aussie Millions Final Delayed, Antonius Still Alive

Aussie Millions 2013 final table

In an almost unprecedented move Crown Casino has delayed the conclusion of the 2013 Aussie Millions due to a marathon final table.

After nearly 15 hours of play Patrik Antonius, Joseph Cabret and Mervin Chan remained deadlocked at the final table. 

Organizers were finally forced to put the tournament on hold because the TV crew filming the final table were required to have a 10-hour break due to union rules.

The final table, which also featured businessman poker player Dan Shak and up-and-coming female pro Jay Tan, unfolded at a stuttering pace as it went from flurries of action to very long periods of inactivity.

Tan Goes Out First, Shak Finishes Fourth

Jay Tan
Jay Tan

Tan, the fifth women to make the Aussie Millions final table, was the first player to bust as she got all-in with ace-queen but was called down by Patrik Antonius with a dominating pair of kings.

Tan picked up AUD$150,000 for coming in seventh place, although she no doubt had dreams of a deeper run.

David Yan didn’t last much longer as he busted in sixth place with pocket eights to Mervin Chan’s pocket kings. Yan took home $220,000 for his efforts.

The five remaining players then reached a stalemate that lasted for over five hours.

It wasn’t until after midnight that Joseph Cabret rivered a flush to take Jarrod Glennon out of the picture. Glennon picked up $290,000 for coming in fifth.

The hand changed the dynamic of the table and gave Cabret a commanding presence even against Antonius and Shak.

Shak finally succumbed to the rail in fourth place when he moved all-in with ace-six and got snapped off by Cabret with ace-king. He earned $400,000 for his performance in the tournament.

Antonius, Cabret and Chan continued to play for five more hours before organizers finally decided to call it a night at 5:30 a.m early Sunday.

Because the TV crew filming the final table require 10 hours off, the final three players will have to wait until 4 p.m. tomorrow to finish the battle for $1.6 million and the Aussie Millions title.

Here are the final chip counts when play was halted:

  • 1. Joseph Cabret – 7,720,000
  • 2. Mervin Chan – 5,670,000
  • 3. Patrik Antonius – 5,565,000
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