Tournament of Champions - Huck Seed Wins All Star Event

2010 Champ of Champs!
2010 Champ of Champs!

The marathon 2010 Tournament of Champions has finally concluded and this year's champion is 1996 Main Event Winner Huck Seed.

Seed defeated Lederer in a heads up battle that was relatively short in relation to the frequent delays this tournament has experienced.

"Huck is a fantastic player," Lederer said in a post match interview. "I think he's really underrated as a player in terms of poker history."

Seed will take home $500k while Lederer accepts a 250k consolation prize.

The Hand

Based on the way things have played out at today's TOC final table, it should come as no surprise that the biggest hand of the night involved a suckout on the river.

Howard Lederer couldn't get his pocket pair to hold up and Huck Seed's aggression paid off. It started with a standard 2.5x raise and call preflop and that's when the fireworks started.

The flop came 6 5 3 and Seed checked. Lederer fired out 60k and Seed moved all in. Lederer snapped off a call in short order and showed 10 10. Seed tabled the 6 9 and needed some help.

He got that help in the form of a 8 on the turn and a dramatic 7 on the river. After that pot Huck soared out to a 3:1 advantage and held more than 500k in chips.

The End

We wouldn't have been surprised to see the chip lead change hands a few more times, but instead Seed cruised to the victory after taking the lead on his big river seven.

Lederer moved all in from the button with Q 8 and Seed made the call with A 2. Lederer couldn't find any love, Seed paired his ace and this year's TOC concluded just like that.

"I really liked Howard's game," Seed said afterwards. "There were a lot of great players in this event, I thought Howard and Johnny played really well."

That's all from the Amazon Room for tonight. You may as well check back in here in a few hours though, rumor has it Day 1 of some big poker tournament starts tomorrow.

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Tournament of Champions - Chan Out in Third

A friendly home game this is not.
A friendly home game this is not.

And then there were two. The bricks of cash are out of the safe and on the table.

Howard Lederer and Huck Seed will compete for the $500k top prize and bragging rights after besting a field of the top tournament players in the world.

Both players are now guaranteed $250k with Lederer holding a slight chip edge over Seed.

Nine Lives for Chan

After Chan ran his pair into the set of Huck Seed most people in the room figured he was on his way out. Johnny Chan apparently didn't read the writing on the wall as he found a double moments later.

Chain raised to 30k from the button and Seed made it 81k total from the small blind. Chan moved all in for 106k total and Seed called. Chan showed 9 9 while Seed had A 10.

Seed couldn't find any help for his hand on a board of 4 3 2 6 Q and Chan moved above 200k.

Royal Draw Bricks Out

Who can fold an open ended royal flush draw? Certainly not us. Apparently Johnny Chan couldn't get away from it either.

Chan found himself check raised all in by Howard Lederer with only one card to come on a board of 10 8 4 Q. Chan held the K J while Lederer had Q 9.

After spending a few minutes in the tank Chan finally made the call and saw the river brick out, which meant Lederer doubled up and Chan was once again crippled and left with only 45k.

Johnny Chan Out in 3rd Place

After doubling up Lederer Chan didn't have much choice but to get it all in on the next couple of hands. With Chan in the big blind Lederer raised enough to put him all in.

Chan eventually made the call with 7 5 while Lederer had J 9. Of course Chan couldn't exit without a good sweat. The board came J 8 6 to give Lederer top pair and Chan the open ended draw.

Chan couldn't find any more miracle cards as the turn and river both brought inconsequential A and 2 cards. Now we are down to heads up play and Johnny Chan is 100k richer.

Heads Up Chips

Howard Lederer  468,000
Huck Seed  342,000

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Tournament of Champions - Set Cripples Chan

Chan waited patiently for top pair only to double up Seed.
Chan waited patiently for top pair only to double up Seed.

If you've been following our TOC coverage all day - or if you scroll down and read it now - then you'll notice that we've continually been talking about action.

At first there wasn't enough of it, then it all came in waves, then we were about to tell you how we've once again hit a plateau and then just like that we saw a few all ins. No one said this is a spectator sport, but there is excitement for those who don't mind waiting for it.

There are still three players doing battle with blinds at 5k and 10k. Johnny Chan has survived an all in and Howard Lederer has taken and then surrendered the chip lead. Now Huck Seed finds himself out in front.

Chan Saved By the Lady

Earlier in the match is looked as though Huck Seed would be the 3rd place finisher, then Huck hit a six outer on the river.

The poker gods are fickle, though, and it wasn't long before Seed saw the tables turned on him. Seed managed to get his chips in good with ace-king and was called down by a dominated ace-queen held by Chan.

You can probably predict what came next. 7 6 4 Q 3. Queen ball on the turn gave Chan a momentary jump up above the 350k mark.

Lederer Stubs His Toe

Between a few well timed all ins and a couple favorable showdowns Howard Lederer whittled himself a nice chip lead and saw his stack climb almost above the 400k mark.

That was short lived as Lederer picked a bad time to reraise Seed. Both players checked it down on the flop and saw a board of A 4 10 9. Lederer once again checked and Seed fired out 20k. Lederer bumped it up to 70k and Seed beat him into to the pot with an all in.

Lederer was getting a pretty good price to call even with a marginal hand, so it's our bet that he was holding the equivalent of two napkins. The scooped pot propelled Seed up above 250k.

Game Changer

We may have just seen the pot that will lead to Johnny Chan's demise. Chan limped from the button and Seed reraised to 41k from the small blind. Chan called and the flop came K 9 7. Seed led out with 47k and Chan moved all in over the top.

Seed couldn't call fast enough and flipped over 7 7 for a set. It was Seed who was all in for his final 156k.

Chan's K Q shrunk immediately and his fate was sealed when the turn and river bricked out. Chan is now left with just over 100k while Seed climbs above 400k.

Chip Count

Huck Seed  419,000
Howard Lederer  266,000
Johnny Chan  115,000

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Tournament of Champions - Greenstein, Hachem Ousted

Fist pumping isn't Seed's style.
Fist pumping isn't Seed's style.

The action has picked up at the final table and players are dropping and doubling at a rapid pace.

Joe Hachem and Barry Greenstein are the latest to be sent packing, leaving just Howard Lederer, Johnny Chan and Huck Seed as the remaining competitors.

Blinds are now at 4k/8k with a 1k ante as we move into the 11th hour of play for the day.  

Greenstein Can't Get There

Barry Greenstein has no shortage of gamble in him. He pushed all in earlier with second pair and managed to suck out on the river, this time he couldn't find the outs he needed to come from behind.

Along with Howard Lederer, Greenstein saw a flop of A 8 2. Greenstein bet, Lederer reraised all in and Greensteing surprisingly called for more than half of his stack with flush and wheel draws.

Greenstein showed 3 4 while Lederer tabled A 10. Greenstein didn't find any help with the turn card 10 nor could he get any love on the river 7.

Just like that Greenstein was autographing a book for the Professor and shipping it across the table along with the rest of his chips.

Hachem Busts in 4th

Joe Hachem decided to raise preflop from the big blind, but didn't anticipate Howard Lederer shoving on him. That's exactly what happened when it came around to Lederer in the small blind and Hachem was forced to call the remaining portion of his 88k stack.

Joe Hachem showed A 8 while Lederer had 8 8 and only needed to avoid an ace. Lederer was able to fade all of the danger on a board of 9 5 5 J J and Hachem was forced to settle for 4th place and $100k.

Joseph Hachem
No ace for the Aussie.

Huck Survives

Huck Seed looked like he was about to be the 3rd place finisher as he was down to his last card, but just as Greenstein did to him earlier, Seed found the card he needed on the river.

Seed moved all in from the small blind and Lederer called from the big. Seed showed ace-nine while Lederer had pocket fives. Lederer successfully faded Seed's outs on the first four streets, but an ace on the river gives Seed new life.

Now Chan has the lead while Seed and Lederer are virtually even.

Chip Count

Johnny Chan  342,000
Howard Lederer  235,000
Huck Seed  230,000

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Tournament of Champions - Lederer Feels Flush

Champions play on.
Champions play on.

The final table has been almost entirely devoid of action for the last 45 minutes. Players have been exchanging blinds and sparse table chatter since returning from dinner.

The action got so dull that the tournament announcer actually had to remind the crowd that cheering is encouraged.

The five remaining aren't exactly known for wearing their emotions on their sleeves, so it's no surprise that the mood remains subdued despite the high profile nature of this event.

Professor Schools the Aussie

Action was folded around to the two blinds with Howard Lederer in the small and Joe Hachem in the big. Lederer limped, Hachem checked his option and the flop came A Q J. Lederer fired out 7k in first position and Hachem made the call.

The turn card brought a 7, which drew a 16k bet from Lederer. Hachem once again made the call. The river card was the 4 completing someone's flush. Lederer led out for 45k, Hachem thought for a minute or two before calling and then saw that he was beat by Lederer's J 5.

Lederer now has 193k after scooping the Aussie's chips.

Huck Sees Weakness

The player doing the most betting is currently Huck Seed. He took the bad beat just before break and is doing some serious grinding to try and recoup his lost chips.

Most of the players are making the occasional preflop 3x bet without much resistance; Huck Seed has twice moved all in over the top of a raise and both times he's gotten folds out of his opponents.

Chip Counts

Johnny Chan  234,300
Howard Lederer  193,500
Barry Greenstein  150,000
Huck Seed  130,000
Joe Hachem  110,000

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Tournament of Champions - Negreanu Down

Kid Poker's victory prognostication falls short.
Kid Poker's victory prognostication falls short.

The Tournament of Champions has played down to the final five as we've seen a whirlwind of action in the last hour. Players just went on a one hour dinner break and will resume at nine o'clock.  

Action has slowed down ever so slightly as the bigger money payouts will go to the final four.

As expected, Jennifer Harman was unable to string together enough double ups to stay alive and finished in 6th place. Daniel Negreanu's fall from grace came rapidly and the chip leader to start the day is out the door in fifth. Let's start there.

Daniel Negreanu - 5th Place

Daniel Negreanu didn't lose one pot for his entire stack, rather it was a combination of three or four that slowly whittled him down to nothing.

The straw that broke the camel's back and sent Kid Poker packing came against Joe Hachem. Negreanu found himself in the hand with pocket aces with a board of 6 5 2. Hachem checked and Negreanu fired out 10k.

Hachem thought for a few moments before popping it up to 25k. Negreanu went all in immediately and Hachem snapped off a call. Negreanu showed his bullets but was already in bad shape as Hachem's pocket fives found a set on the flop.

No help for Negreanu on the turn and river and Kid Poker's TOC is finished.

Barry Greenstein
Better to be lucky than good.

Greenstein Sucks Out Again

Barry Greenstein probably didn't want to go on dinner break as he is running unbelievably hot at the moment. He just staved off another elimination on the river, this time the unlucky victim was Huck Seed.

Both players were in the blinds and saw a flop of J 6 3. Greenstein checked, Seed bet and Greenstein moved all in over the top. Seed quickly snapped off a call and revealed top pair K J.

Greenstein was in bad shape with only a Q 6 and his tournament life on the line. The turn was no help as a harmless 4 fell. Yahtzee on the river for Greenstein as the 6 made his hand and he gets to stick around yet again.

Seed falls down below 100k while Greenstein has approximately 180k.

Aces Going Around

Pocket aces have shown their faces a few times at the final table and for the most part they are holding up. Howard Lederer has doubled up with aces, as did Jen Harman and Barry Greenstein. Only an unlucky Daniel Negreanu has seen his bullets get cracked.

Dinner Chips

Johnny Chan  234,300
Joe Hachem  183,900
Barry Greenstein  182,500
Howard Lederer  117,800
Huck Seed    91,500

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Tournament of Champions - Eight Champs Remain

The bubble always sucks, even in a freeroll.
The bubble always sucks, even in a freeroll.

Two players have been sent home since play restarted at 2:30 and now eight are left to compete for the prestigious TOC title.

Erik Seidel was eliminated in 10th place and finished as the bubble boy, with the remaining nine players being guaranteed at least $25k.

TJ Cloutier has also been sent packing, with Daniel Negreanu remaining as the chip leader.

Seidel Takes Two Bullets

Erik Seidel was short stacked coming into the day and knew he needed to get a double up if he wanted to remain in contention.

Seidel never really got any hands that allowed him to make a move and ended up picking a bad spot to get his money in. Seidel moved in from middle position holding Q 8 and was called quickly by Jen Harman holding A A.

The turn gave Harman aces full, and while Seidel actually had one out on the river for a royal flush he seemed resigned to his 10th place fate. Seidel wished a Happy Independence Day to his chips on Twitter following his exit.

Cloutier Missteps

Perhaps it was a combination of good play by Negreanu and impatience by Cloutier, or just a flat out misread on Cloutier's part. In any case, Cloutier was eliminated in 9th place after his pair of jacks never improved.

Negreanu opened the pot preflop and Cloutier called from the button. The flop came K J 5 and Negreanu deceptively checked. Cloutier fired 12k and Negreanu called. The turn brought a 6 and Negreanu shoved enough to put Cloutier all in.

Cloutier called and showed A J, which was way behind to Negreanu's K 10. Cloutier bricked out on the river, but will take home a free $25k for his time.

Another Duke Double

Annie Duke won't go quietly into the night. She's already doubled up once when her ace-kind held up.

She just got it in again holding a pair of jacks and was called down by the ace-king of Jen Harman. Harman was never able to improve her hand on a board of 10 5 5 Q 9 and Duke doubles up to about 35k while Harman drops to the same level.

Chip Count

Daniel Negreanu  240,000
Johnny Chan  130,000
Joe Hachem  125,000
Huck Seed    88,000
Barry Greenstein    48,000
Howard Lederer    38,000
Jennifer Harman    35,000
Annie Duke    32,000

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Tournament of Champions - Bubble Hasn't Burst

Big Slick keeps Duke in the game.
Big Slick keeps Duke in the game.

Action is finally underway at the Tournament of Champions unofficial final table after a week filled with more waiting than card playing.

The event has had numerous scheduling delays, including one player sleeping through last night's would-be action, then most recent included an hour break for the ESPN television crew to get prepped.

The cameras are finally in place, all the players are out of bed and we're ready for more all star poker.

It's All About the Benjamins

The cash has made its way to the table and more than $1 million in green bricks sits in a nearby safe awaiting the winner.

First place will take home $500k, 2nd gets $250k, 3rd receives $100k and 4th-9th all get $25k.

There have been no eliminations during the first hour of play at the final table and that could be due to the cash bubble that everyone is trying to make. Howard Lederer and Annie Duke have both been all in, but each has emerged successful.

Duke Doubles

Annie Duke was down to her final 14k in chips and with blinds at 1k/2k she only had a few more orbits remaining before she would undoubtedly be forced into action.

Lucky for Duke she woke up with A K on the button. Joe Hachem was happy to call with a pocket pair of nines, but Duke jumped out to a huge lead when the flop came K K Q. Hachem didn't spike the nine on the turn or river and Duke will stick around.

Power Poker

TJ Cloutier has twice moved all in over a preflop raise and gotten the original raiser off the hand. Same goes for Howard Lederer who has twice been all in and twice won all of the money preflop.

There have been relatively few flops to go around with most of the betting happening preflop.

Chip Count

Daniel Negreanu  195,000
Johnny Chan  130,000
Joe Hachem  125,000
Huck Seed  94,000
TJ Cloutier  55,000
Barry Greenstein  54,000
Howard Lederer  46,000
Jennifer Harman  41,000
Annie Duke  34,000

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Tournament of Champions - The Final Countdown!

Buh bye.
Buh bye.

Well there hasn't been too much poker over the last hour, but there has been enough to seal the last, most crucial elimination - the tournament of Champions now consolidated to a single, final table.

Ten players remain, although one of the biggest names is no longer in effect - "The Poker Brat" dropping out of contention right before the final.

Here's how it went down.

Hellmuth Can't Dodge Bullets

Hellmuth has seen his stack chipped away until he was left with just two big blinds. Once he had paid his big blind, he had just one - so when Howard Lederer raised from the small blind, Hellmuth made an auto-call without looking.

Lederer had ace-nine, so when the flop fell ace-nine high - Hellmuth was always going to struggle to regain the initiative. By the turn, his jack-six was drawing dead and that was that! No histrionics from Hellmuth - he just shook some hands and left, behaving like a gentleman (for once!)

We had our final nine, although the players now took a longer-than-usual break to run ESPN interviews so we'll be back shortly for the resumption.

In the meantime, please enjoy these delectable chip counts. Bon appetit!

What a line-up.

Daniel Negreanu  184,000
Johnny Chan  152,900
Joe Hachem  136,000
Huck Seed  90,300
Howard Lederer  57,300
Jennifer Harman  53,400
Barry Greenstein  51,500
Erik Seidel  35,600
TJ Cloutier  31,000
Annie Duke  17,900

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Tournament of Champions - Negreanu Lays Smack Down

I love those cowboys!
I love those cowboys!

Well, it's been an eventful opening - the 17 players who started reduced to just eleven. Matusow has seen his chip-leading stack crumble whilst we've seen the rise of another of poker's legends - "Kid Poker" has grabbed this tournament by the horns and he's looking the man right now.

Here's how it's playing out.

Matus-owned By Cowboy Kid!

Mike Matusow has been looking pretty glum over the last few levels and the main source of his discomfort has been his friend Daniel Negreanu.

It seems every time Negreanu has had pocket kings, Matusow has been the man to pay him off.

First off Matusow lost a big pot when he had Negreanu all-in with pocket nines, but was in bad shape as the Canadian flipped up the cowboys. No bad beat and Matusow had a big hole in his stack.

Then Negreanu finished what he started.

Matusow was particularly unlucky this time as he held king-three and moved in on the turn of a king-high board.

Negreanu called very fast, as he once again had the cowboys, which this time had made top set!

Matusow's day was ended before the final table having started looking so strong.

Negreanu Shooting Elk(y)

As if busting his close friend wasn't enough, Negreanu has also taken the scalp of Elky - who called the Frenchman's three-bet ship having opened under the gun.

Elky just had pocket deuces but was racing versus Negreanu's big slick - although a king on the turn sealed his fate and kid poker had taken another victim to consolidate his growing chip lead.

Bustout Round-Up

Also busted are Anotonio Esfandiari, whose "top, top" were no good versus "The Orient Express"'s middle set, Scotty Nguyen who ran into Joe Hachem's devilish trip sixes and Chris "Jesus" Ferguson who ran his pocket eights versus T.J. Cloutier's tens unsuccesfully.

Chip Up!

With all those goings on - here's how the standings have been affected. We're on the cusp of the final table now.

Daniel Negreanu  180,000
Johnny Chan  160,000
Joe Hachem  115,000
Huck Seed  69,000
TJ Cloutier  61,500
Jennifer Harman  55,000
Barry Greenstein  52,000
Erik Seidel  32,000
Howard Lederer  28,000
Annie Duke  18,000


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Tournament of Champions - The Best of The Best

Matusow ready to beat the best.
Matusow ready to beat the best.

The tournament of champions is back on!

Following a hiatus yesterday due to a scheduling overload, the TOC was postponed to today but the 17 players left are back and they mean business.

Mike Matusow returns with the chip lead, and he will be feeling great having had a sweat watching "durrrr" compete for a bracelet yesterday.

If Dwan had got there, Matusow would have had an expensive prop bet to shell out on, but durrrr's bid failed and now Matusow can concentrate on taking on and beating this tough group of players.

There are bracelets scattered like confetti throughout this field however. It is rich in talent and experience and no one is going to give Matusow an open goal to collect the half a million dollar first prize.

Here's how the chips stack up with the players having just taken their seats. Good luck one and all!

Mike Matusow  85,000
Huck Seed  73,000
Johnny Chan  68,600
Scotty Nguyen  64,700
Joe Hachem  64,300
Erik Seidel  58,900
Allen Cunningham  58,900
Phil Hellmuth  44,100
Annie Duke  42,600
Daniel Negreanu  39,900

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Event Name 2010 Tournament of Champions
Venue Rio, Las Vegas
Date 27 June 2010
Final Day 4 July 2010
Buy In $0
Entrants 27
Prize Pool $1,000,000
First Prize $500,000

Huck Seed

2010 Tournament of Champions

Top Money Finishers Prize
1. Huck Seed $500,000
2. Howard Lederer $250,000
3. Johnny Chan $100,000
4. Joe Hachem $25,000
5. Barry Greenstein $25,000
6. Daniel Negreanu $25,000
7. Jennifer Harman $25,000
8. Annie Duke $25,000
9. TJ Cloutier $25,000