2008 WSOP: Every chip counts in the Main Event

Brandon Cantu
So close, and yet so far for Brandon Cantu.

The final day is here for the players in the 2008 World Series of Poker Main Event to have a shot at making the final table.

After six days of play, 27 players met at the felt in the Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino today to battle for one more day to determine which nine of them would be taking on the final table in November.

Dennis Phillips started out the day as one of the most likely candidates to make it to the final table. He began with nearly $12 million in chips today and has steadily increased that to more than $13.7 million to keep the chip lead so far.

However, the rest of the players have been shuffled around quite a bit on the chip count board. The players who have fallen off completely are Albert Kim, Brandon Cantu, Paul Snead, Tim Loecke, Judet Toni Cristian, Aaron Gordon, Niklas Flisberg, Phi Nguyen and Michael Carroll.

Cantu and Nguyen were the last of the former bracelet winners still in the event, so the 2008 World Champion will be a brand-new bracelet winner.

Cantu was taken out by Peter Eastgate after having his chip stack hacked away at by Dean Hamrick. Hamrick put a big dent in his chips, and then a few hands later Eastgate opened the pot to $300,000 and Cantu moved all-in.

Eastgate made the call to put his A Q in a race against Cantu's 9 9. The board came 8 6 3 8 4 to give Eastgate the flush on the river.

Cantu picked up 20th place for a $257,334 cash.

Nguyen was taken out by Paul Snead who had made it $250,000 to go. Tiffany Michelle had called from the button, but Nguyen shoved all-in, and Michelle got out of the way as Snead made the call.

With pocket jacks, Snead was the favorite over Nguyen's A T. A board of 9 3 2 5 8 left Snead still well ahead and Nguyen cashing in 26th place.

Michelle isn't out yet, but she's taken quite a hit to her chip stack today. She dropped from her third-place position in the count and is now sitting in the bottom half of the pack. David Rheem also went from sixth place in the count down to sitting as the short stack.

For all the action and to see who the "November Nine" will be, tune in to the Live Tournaments section.

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