2008 WSOP Day 42: Sneak a peek at Main Event Day 3

The playing field is now down under 1,000 in the 2008 World Series of Poker Main Event after just a few hours of play in Day 3.

Brian Schaedlich started the day with the chip lead, but it hasn't been going so well for him so far today. He's had to hand out more than $400k in chips, although that still leaves him near the top of the pack with about $387,000.

He's not the only one handing out chips, either. Jon "PearlJammer" Turner got into an early hand when a player made it $4,100 under the gun and a woman to that player's left went all-in for her last $5,300. Turner called and so did the small blind, so all four players saw a flop of Q Q 8.

The player under the gun checked and Turner bet $9,500. The small blind called and the big blind shoved for $55,000 more.

Turner called, turning up A Q; the opponent who had shoved after the flop showed A T, and the woman who was all-in pre-flop flipped up K 5. After the board brought 6 and then 3, Turner had to watch his chips float to another player and the female player had to hit the road.

At least he's still got some chips to play with - not everyone has been so lucky. Steve Billirakis, Gus Hansen, Nenad Medic, Jean-Robert Bellande, Johnny Chan, Jeff Madsen, Allen Cunningham and many more.

To keep up with how the event is playing out, head to the 2008 WSOP Live Tournaments section.

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