2008 WSOP Day 42: Day 5 of the Main Event

Phil Hellmuth
Phil Helmuth, still alive and kicking (chairs, that is).

Each day of the Main Event brings with it a bit more gravity, and gives a better idea of who's doing what. Day 5 is going to be a whopper, with some large stacks being wielded by some of the best.

With only 189 players getting seated for Day 5, the Main Event has started to get personal, now that each player can see a final table in their future. Emotions are bound to run as high as the action on the floor.

Day 4

Day 4 started with all the players to have cashed in the Main Event, a handful of them showing extreme signs of celebration the previous night.

Some notable Day 4 eliminatees include Robert Mizrachi, Tim West, Jason Lester (eliminated by Hoyt Corkins), Johnny Chan, Van Nguyen and Evelyn Ng. All the eliminations on Day 4 left Day 5 with a starting field of 189 players. The current WSOP chip leaders going into Day 5 are:

  1. Jeremy Joseph 2,187,000
  2. Nikolay Losev 2,110,000
  3. Cristian Dragomir 2,065,000
  4. Brandon Cantu 1,981,000
  5. Davor Lanini 1,958,000
  6. David Rheem 1,851,000
  7. Andrew Rosskamm 1,764,000
  8. James McManus 1,761,000
  9. Geoffrey Herzog 1,695,000
  10. Albert Kim 1,688,000

Players of note still in it number among their ranks:

  • Shawn Sheikhan 1,516,000
  • Gus Hansen 1,367,000
  • Victor Ramdin 1,322,000
  • Allen Cunningham 1,141,000
  • Phil Hellmuth 581,000
  • Mike Matusow 458,000
  • Hoyt Corkins 305,000

Two items of note that took place on Day 4:

In an uncharacteristic move, Phil Hellmuth had a blow-up after losing to the nuts. This marks the first time the long-time veteran has ever publicly lost his cool while playing poker.

Aleksandar Rasic found himself the victim of another odd situation in the Amazon Room. After returning from the break a few minutes late, he found his table broken and all the players from it gone. Missing along with them were his chips.

The floormen did everything they could to locate the chips and his seat, to no avail. Announcements asking dealers to speak up about a dead stack on their table came up fruitless.

After going to the cameras to track down the $60,000 stack, it was revealed that the player seated next to Rasic had accidentally scooped up his $60,000 stack when collecting $800,000 chips of his own. The chips were given back to Rasic, and he didn't have long to wait before a seat opened up for him.

Day 5 gets under way in just two hours. Keep your eyes on the Live Updates section for all the action.

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