2008 WSOP: Nonstop Day 5 action

Gus Hansen
The Great Dane, Gus Hansen, has been quiet so far in Day 5.

As was to be expected, Day 5's Main Event action started out fast and furious, with short stacks looking to double, and large stacks looking to go deep.

The two feature tables started the day with the following lineups:

Table Blue 3 - ESPN TV Featured Table

Sean Davis - 851,000
Daniel Buzgon - 775,000
Cristian Dragomir - 2,065,000
Kara Scott - 247,000
David Rheem - 1,851,000
Owen Crowe - 1,100,000
Mike Matusow - 458,000
Jeffrey Anderson - 355,000
Phi Nguyen - 1,500,000

Table Blue 5 - Secondary Featured Table

Michael Carroll - 454,000
Alex Outhred - 1,377,000
Cory Albertson - 556,000
Robin Larsson - 590,000
Allen Cunningham - 1,141,000
Darus Suharto - 1,428,000
Tiffany Michelle - 909,000
Tim Loecke - 856,000
Lonnie Heimowitz - 650,000

The tournament average stick size to start the day was at $724,233. The action started strong, and there has been a constant stream of people heading to the rail. Hoyt Corkins is staying alive, chunking his stack up to $440,000 with pocket aces, sending a player to the rail.

Hellmuth is making odd comments and odd plays. He gave his chips away to Brandon Cantu after Cantu made a good call against an odd, angled weak bet by Phil on the flop.

It's great for TV, but not for the other players on the table. Mike Matusow doubled up after winning a coin flip against Phi Nguyen, jumping in the air saying to the crowd more than the other players, "How do y'all like it now, boys?"

More drama from Helmuth, quoted directly from the WSOP:

Hellmuth Awarded Designated Pacing Area

"During the breaks of every WSOP event, including the Main Event, the players are required to leave the tournament area and remain outside the Amazon Room until five minutes before play recommences. During this particular break, Phil Hellmuth requested that he be allowed to remain in the room in order to 'pace.' Apparently, he's still fuming about that hand where his pocket sixes went down to Brandon Cantu's J 8. Hellmuth was not permitted to remain in the Amazon Room, but he was shown into the back hallway, where he's pacing his tilt away."

Multiple bust-outs have gone down, and chips are being colored up. The day still has many hours of play left to go. To keep in touch with the action, head to our on the Live Updates section.

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