2008 WSOP Day 36: Independence Day action

Daniel Negreanu
Not the face of a player who made it through Day 1 of the Main Event.

It takes more than one of America's biggest holidays to stop play at the World Series of Poker. Players were back in action for Day 1b starting at noon today.

Aside from free mini flags for participants to help them celebrate the Fourth of July, the most exciting news from the Rio so far in Day 1b is that Kid Poker is out. Greg Mueller are also still in it.

Mueller has a lot of work to do if he's going to make it through today, however. He was looking pretty slim after losing quite a few chips on a board of T 9 7 4 6.

He had bet $2,300, and his opponent raised to $8,000. After making the call, Mueller showed J 8, and his opponent tabled A 4 for the rivered flush.

That beat took Mueller down to about $3,500, but Mueller wasn't about to let it get the better of him. A while later, Mueller and four other players limped into a hand pre-flop. The flop came 6 7 2 , and everyone checked to Mueller, who bet $600.

The player on the button called, and they saw a turn of J. Mueller checked and the button bet out $1,175 to get a check-raise all-in to $1,925 from Mueller.

The button called, showing 5 4 for the straight draw, and Mueller showed T 7 for a pair. When the river brought a K, Mueller had boosted his stack up over $8,000 again.

There's lots of exciting action in the Amazon Room for fans to catch. The 2008 WSOP Main Event will keep on rolling until after midnight tonight and we'll keep letting you in on all its secrets in the Live Tournaments section.

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