2008 WSOP Day 26: The Nick Binger show

Nick Binger
Bring it on!

There are two final tables playing today, or perhaps more to the point, play is back to normal today with two final tables instead of one.

The big news of the day is Nick Binger's dominance of Event 41, while John Phan seems to still have a handle on Event 40 as well.

Event 40

Today poker fans may see the first two-bracelet winner of the year if John Phan can keep up his chip lead in the $2,500 2-7 Triple-Draw Lowball (Limit) event. The Razor began play today with the chip advantage and has been holding onto it so far as two of the final six players have dropped out of play.

The first to hit the rail was David Sklansky. The renowned poker author hit a few bad hands right away to further deplete his short stack today, and then Robert Mizrachi finished him off.

Ben Ponzio, who had started today second to last in the chip count, followed Sklansky's example and headed to the rail a while later.

He ran into The Razor, who had no trouble slicing away Ponzio's bracelet dreams when he made 8-7-4-3-2 to Ponzio's T-7-5-4-2 on the final draw.

That just leaves Phan, Mizrachi, Gioi Luong and Shun Uchida to continue the game. See how all the action is playing out in the Event 40 live updates.

Event 41

Someone lit a fire under Nick Binger today, and he's been a monster at today's $1,500 Mixed Hold'em final table. He started today with $339,000 in chips, good for second place in the chip count, and has since worked himself up over $1 million and taken the lead.

To get there, he's taken the first four players out of the game himself. The first to go was David Sorger.

Sorger came in as the short stack and couldn't seem to get a footing. During a round of No-Limit Hold'em, Sorger moved all-in for his last $40,500. Binger reraised to $100,000, leading to folds from everyone else at the table.

Binger showed A K to Sorger's A J, and they saw a board of 5 4 5 3 9. Sorger will earn $19,956 for ninth place.

Next on the chopping block was Michael Chu. Binger had made it $17,000 to go, and Chu called him from the big blind. They saw a flop of 2 T 4.

Chu checked, and Binger bet out another $32,000. Chu took a moment to think about it, but then pushed all-in for a total of $145,000. Binger made the call and they flipped up their cards - pocket eights for Chu and T-5 for binger.

The turn and the river brought Q and A to give Binger the hand. Chu collected $27,439 for eighth place.

Seventh place went to Mats Gavatin, who must have been horrified when Binger called his $15,000 raise pre-flop. The flop came Q 7 7, and Binger started the betting with $30,000.

Gavatin reraised to $95,000, which prompted Binger to move all-in. Gavatin called, only to see that his A 5 flush draw was up against the trip sevens Binger had flopped with his 7 6. The turn and the river came 4 Q to give Binger a full house.

Gavatin will receive $34,923 for his seventh-place finish. And that brings us to the fourth player to bow out from what has been the Binger show so far.

Binger raised to $17,000 on the button, and David MacHowsky moved all-in from the small blind. Binger insta-called after the big blind folded and showed A A. MacHowsky turned up 3 3, and when the flop brought A K K, he was all but out.

The 5 on the turn sealed it for Binger, with the river an inconsequential T. MacHowsky collected $45,000 for his sixth-place finish.

There's plenty more action where that came from as the table continues to play down to a winner today. Check it out in the Event 41 live updates.

Event 42 and Event 43

Other action on tap for today at the 2008 WSOP includes the second day of play in the Seniors No-Limit Hold'em World Championship and the first day of the $1,500 Pot-Limit Omaha Hi-Lo Split Eight-or-Better event. All the information you could ever want about the events through videos, blogs, photos, updates and more can be found in the Live Tournaments section.

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