2008 WSOP Day 23: Day 1 massacre

Event 36's final table has just gotten under way with one player (John Shipley) having been eliminated. To keep yourself informed, tune in to our live updates section.

Event 37

Most of the excitement around the room today is from the final two tables of the Omaha O8 World Championships. It's scheduled to get started at this very moment. To find out if Mike Matusow can live up to his dreams and claims of winning the event, tune in to the live updates section.

In fact, right off the start Mike has been talking his smack, claiming he'll defeat his whole table in 10 minutes.

Event 39

There has already been some early action from some big names in today's donkament. Barry Greenstein went runner-runner to flush out his opponent's overpair, putting him to an early $8k stack.

David Williams has chunked his stack up to $9k, while Nenad Medic has been eliminated. Archie "The Greek" Karas is up, but The Grinder is gone.

Joe Hachem has chunked a decent stack, while Hellmuth made his signature late arrival, showing up with only half of his stack remaining.

It has been a bloodbath, with 660 players eliminated in the first two hours of play.

To keep yourself in tune with the event and its action, check out our live updates section.

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