2008 WSOP Day 15: Whole lotta poker going on

Anders Henriksson
Swede dreams! Henriksson calls it an early day in seventh place.

Two events are making their way down to a winner today with PokerListings on hand to bring you all the action.

Event 21

There are two ways a player can choose to use a big chip lead at a final table - sit on it while the others fight amongst themselves and start eliminating each other, or use it to help make the stack event bigger.

Scott Seiver entered the final table of the $5,000 No-Limit Hold'em event today with more than double his nearest opponent. He chose to be the second kind of player and has built his stack up over $3 million in chips now to keep a steady hold on the chip lead.

In the meantime, three players have bowed out of the final table. Two hands into the final table Scott Freeman was eliminated by Seiver.

Freeman had raised to $41,000 and Seiver reraised to $120,000. It folded back to Freeman, who then went all-in with a call from Seiver.

Freeman turned up A K to Seiver's Q Q. A flop of 7 8 6 gave Freeman a flush draw, but a 5 on the turn and a 7 on the river couldn't help him.

Next out was Adam Geyer who ran into Dave Seidman and his pocket rockets. Geyer had moved all-in from under the gun and Seidman moved all-in too. Geyer flipped up 9 9 only to see Seidman reveal A A.

Both players flopped a set, but no miracle nine came on the turn or river to give Geyer the hand.

Two hands later the only Swede at the table, Anders Henriksson, was eliminated. Henriksson had raised to $60,000 pre-flop and Ben Sprengers and Chuck Sklar both made the call. The flop brought K 8 9, resulting in a bet of $135,000 from Sklar.

Henriksson took some time to think, but then moved all in for $285,000 and Sprengers went all-in behind him too. Sklar decided to save his remaining chips and folded.

Henriksson flipped up 9 9 for a flopped set, and Sprengers had A A. Henriksson still had some life when a T fell on the turn, but then the A spiked on the river to give Sprengers the hand.

Check out the action for yourself in the Eric Froelich are still in the thick of things.

If you've got the time, PokerListings has the action for you in the Event 22 live updates.

Event 23

Players returned for a second day of play in the $2,000 No-Limit Hold'em event after 2 p.m. today. Play started with 1,344 players on Thursday and 134 made it to today.

Enough players have already been eliminated today to take the remaining ones into the money, but there are still plenty of players left to be eliminated before the top nine of the final table are found.

The most notable of the players still in the mix include Barry Greenstein, Bill Gazes, Jared Hamby and others.

You can find the action in the Event 23 live updates.

Event 24

The $2,500 Mixed Pot-Limit Hold'em/Omaha event began its second day of play today as well. Minh Ly seems to have got off to a good start today as he has taken down a couple of poker pros single-handedly already.

One was Ross Boatman during a round of Hold'em. Boatman raised the pot from late position and Ly smooth called from the button. The flop brings K 9 J, and Boatman best out the full pot only to get a reraise from Ly.

Boatman called all-in and the two players flip up their cards: A A for Boatman and K J for Ly. There's nothing for Boatman on the turn and the river, and he is eliminated early in the day.

Later on, Ly also took out Ted Forrest during an Omaha round. Ly had a set of tens and even though Forrest had a wrap and a flush draw after the turn, the river blanked for him and Ly added his chips to his collection as well.

There's action aplenty to watch out for in the Event 24 live updates with Max Pescator, Eric Seidel, Shawn Buchanan, Joe Hachem and more still battling today.

Event 25 and Event 26

Play began at noon today in the $10,000 World Championship Heads-Up No-Limit Hold'em bringing 256 players ready for head-to-head combat.

At 5 p.m. another event will get started as well for the day with some $1,500 Seven-Card Razz.

Check out all the latest from the Rio in the 2008 WSOP Live Tournaments section.

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