2007 WSOP: Big names on the ropes on Day 6

Scotty Nguyen

And then there were two.

With the 2007 WSOP Main Event dwindling it's way down to a final two tables, the thing poker aficionados and long-term industry devotees have been fearing from the get go - a big-name-pro-free final table - is virtually at the doorstep.

Busting out in the last level: Reasonable hopefuls Daniel Alaei and Bill Edler.

Barely hanging on as they merge into two last tables: former World Champ Scotty Nguyen, Alex Kravchenko, Bob Slezak and Lee Watkinson, all in the bottom six of the chip count and the last of the remaining 18 with much of a publicized past on the professional poker circuit.

Left to reap the financial, sartorial and celebratorial rewards of the ESPN spotlight or the final table itself then: The likes of William Spadea, Lee Childs, Jerry Yang, Ray Henson, John Armbrust, Philip Hilm, Raymond Rahme, Hevad "The Rain" Khan and the Trans, Kenny and David.

Khan and the Trans have perhaps the most esteemed poker cash history or cachet value of the current chipleaders, with Kenny's likely the most prominent, having taken fifth in this year's marquee $50K H.O.R.S.E. event.

Khan is notorious for posting a video of himself multi-tabling 26 sit-and-gos online to prove he wasn't a poker bot.

Regardless of who is left, however, PokerListings.com will be there with first hand accounts of the tumultuous ups-and-downs, wild beats and wanton promotional opportunities only a spectacle such as the World Series of Poker can provide, right down to the final beatdown and the crowning of a new champion - whose name will certainly not be unfamiliar come Wednesday.

And as everyone knows, fortunes in poker can turn on a dime, so be sure to check over in the PokerListings.com Live Tournaments Section for the latest.

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