$1M Up for Grabs in PokerStars’ 85-Billionth Hand

Demiddelaer 0.501 USD No Limit Holdem 8132012 105507 AM
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The hand counter on PokerStars is inching closer to the next Mega Milestone in its “Road to 100 Billion” promotion and more than $1 million in cash is expected to be awarded.

In addition to the biggest prize which will go to the winner of the 85-billionth hand, cash will be up for grabs in 300 mini-milestones leading up to 85 billion, every millionth hand, starting at 84,700,000.

PokerStars expects hand 85 billion to be dealt sometime on Tuesday morning.

The last three major milestone hands, occurring at 72 billion, 75 billion and 80 billion, each paid out more than $1 million in total prizes.

But since the payouts are determined by how many VIP Player Points each player has earned at the table during the session in which the milestone hand occurs, we won’t know the exact prize amount until the hand is finished.

For detailed information on how the milestone-hand payouts are determined, read more on the PokerStars Blog.

Players can win the cash prizes by playing in real-money ring games on PokerStars. Zoom poker tables are not eligible for this promotion.

On May 6, 2012 online player “funex700” pocketed $22,940 for winning the 80-billionth hand at a $25NL table.

Everyone else at the table won at least $10,000 for being dealt into the Mega Milestone hand. All told over 1,500 individual prizes were awarded in the 80-billionth hand milestone.

At time of publishing the hand counter is approaching 84,6800,000 which means the first mini-milestones will be kicking in later today.

To participate in the “Road to 100 Billion” promotion on PokerStars all you need to do is play real-money ring games at PokerStars. Sign up for an account through PokerListings.com to make sure you get the best possible signup bonus.

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