14 poker players robbed in Pennsylvania

A gang of four masked men robbed a 14-player poker game in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, last Thursday night, the Bucks County Courier Times reported. The Texas Hold'em poker night was being hosted at Lodge 156, a members-only poker club, when alleged gang members barged in and robbed the players at gunpoint.

"They were wearing black, like ninjas," said one middle aged victim who had $900 stolen from him. "Your eyes go right to the gun, and you know it's not a joke."

Police said the robbers ordered everyone onto the floor, pistol- whipped one man, and then proceeded to steal the players' car keys, jewelry, cell phones, cash, and wallets. There has not yet been an announcement on how much money was stolen.

Victims said the entire ordeal was over in less than five minutes.

Police suspect the robbers were Crips members from New Jersey who somehow learned about the game.

Luigi Marino, the 56-year-old owner of the card club, said it is a private establishment with about 45 members who "have been playing cards together for years." He said players compete with chips and that no money is ever exchanged during play.

"[The robbers] must have heard about [the game] from somebody. Somebody had to talk. It just ain't out of the blue sky," he said. "Everybody [has to be] a member. It's not like you can walk in there. We don't advertise."

Lodge 156 has been temporarily closed out of safety concerns.

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