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10 Hilarious, Imaginative or Unsettling Poker Video Adverts

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18 June 2014
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Make no mistake. Poker is a game mainly played by guys, so there will be a lot of sex and beer in these clips.

But there are other things, too. There are many creative people in this industry, and you’ll see a lot of that here.

1) The Best Poker Face

In this ad for the World Poker Crown, a man keeps his cool in extreme situations – except in one.

2) Hygiene

Actually, poker is not the focus of this one here but beer certainly is. Also sex, in some way.

3) The Massacre

This is one of the banned poker adverts you can only find online. There couldn’t be more blood even if Quentin Tarantino was behind the camera.

4) The Classic

One of the best known clips of its kind. Phil Ivey unmoved in the face of every man’s horror is unique.

5) The Elevator

John Juanda shows in this clip that he's pretty much on the same level as Ivey. The question is rather why he would even be in this ad?

6) Poker Film Noir

Less of a typical ad, but almost movie-like qualities plus a great soundtrack qualify this atmospheric clip for our top ten list.

7) The Ladies

Sex doesn’t only sell, it also bets.

8) Hand Ranking

Remember the Village People? You will when you see this but you won’t understand before the great punchline at the end.

9) The Sit-and-Go

You’ve probably seen this on TV. The perfect example of how poker, the great equalizer, unites people from all countries and classes.

10) Russian Roulette

This is a hidden gem. You think you know what’s coming, but the punch line is also one of the most hated phrases in poker. (One of the reasons why we wouldn’t recommend registering.)

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